We have been staying very busy over the last week. I’ve found something similar to normality, for now! Tash and I have both gotten back into the swing of doing our comics and making a presence online once again, and we have both been making an effort to go for a decent walk on a daily basis. Despite eating quite a lot of chocolate, I’m actually loosing weight! I do really think that it is because I am no longer eating sushi (SUSHI IS ALMOST NON EXISTENT OVER HERE) but that’s not really a bad thing… my tummy was getting a little bit podgy XD

Tash and I have also been doing a thing called Geocaching while over here quite a bit. Geocaching is basically a global treasure hunt which is all entirely set up and maintained by it’s community. It really is such a good excuse to make walks a lot more fun but also look like a complete weirdo in public! 😀 Tasha and I spend about 40 minutes nearby a cattle grid and gate looking for a cache that was basically RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR NOSES THE WHOLE TIME!!

But hey, it’s a mega fun challenge and I would totally recommend to anyone who wants to get outside and look like a complete weirdo! All we use is the app on our phones and a little bit of luck! DO IT!

We have also been planning out some fun things to do in the future including going to a comic convention over here called Thought Bubble with an awesome friend of ours in early November this year. One of the people who originally made me want to get into comics is going to be there (which I only just learned this morning) and there are also a few other amazing comic peoples there who we are wanting to meet, so I can’t freakin’ wait for it!!

We are also planning to go to Ireland this year as well! My family tree links me back to Ireland and I am wanting to fulfil a promise I made to someone back in New Zealand while I am there.
I am learning that it is great to always have something there to look forward to and work towards, so I am going to make sure that there is always something there to work towards every day!

Other than that, life has been chugging away as mentioned below in my previous posts. I know where mostly everything is around the area I am in, I’m just not entirely sure how to get to most of it from our place though, but good things take time! 😀 I am making my mark on this place I now call a home and have already ripped up all the curtains and buried them in the backyard but I don’t think Tasha has noticed yet. It is also sinking in now that everything is so very close when before it was on the other side of the planet, especially with the recent Brussels bombing which was just over the channel…

ANYWHO, I’m going to go eat a sandwich and draw this Easter Monday away until my arms get rigamortis! BYE! 😀