FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD has been the word for this week me thinks!
Seriously, I have eaten some of the nummiest foods ever this week! (apart from that Thai, which we had that one time… twice…. we’ve already had it twice… AHEM).

Firstly, we went to an amazing place called Corianders where 99.9% of everything on the menu is spicy, so naturally I WAS IN HEAVEN AND GOBBLED MY THREE ENCHILADAS DOWN LIKE NO ONES BUSINESS  >:D We went there to celebrate Tasha’s grandma’s birthday. Going to a restaurant and munching in her honour is the least I can do to celebrate her birth am I right? UwU
Tasha and I couldn’t behave ourselves for too long, but who didn’t see that coming?

Secondly, on Saturday we went to the only sushi place within 592942 miles of where we live AND GOODNESS.
They make it to order, so you do have to wait a good 20 minutes for the dude to make it for you but man is it worth the wait! They don’t have the huge variety of flavours like they do with the sushi in NZ (and I hate fish so that cuts 97% of the menu down for me here) but what they did have I loved!

And just to destroy the bowels after that, we dropped into a neat little place called Sprinkles and ruined all the hard work we put into this mornings walk with one blasters sundae which is pictured somewhere on today’s blog. We have decided that we couldn’t eat for the next 5 days because of this, so don’t envy us too much.We are basically already dead.
I’m sorry Ryan. That promised hug will never be fulfilled.

I also got my new computer!! It’s nothing amazing special to brag about but it does exactly what I need it to do for my comic work and such, so I am a happy Shane. Tash and I must have looked pretty scruffy when we went it to buy it, the first guy who assisted us looked very unhappy about us not buying his highly recommended anti-virus software. I was very tempted to let him know I worked on an IT Helpdesk for the last 6 years of my life and so feel pretty confident with computers, but ah well, it’s kinda funny none-the-less.  XD  Well, nearly every other shop assistant from the store avoided us, one person even went straight past us to go help the people behind us. It was the first time I actually considered complaining about it to someone further up the food chain there but we decided it wasn’t worth it because WE HAVE PLACES TO DRAW AND COMICS TO WALK TO! 😀

We have also be watching the show “Flight of the Conchords” which is about two Kiwis living in New York trying to make it big in their band Flight of the Conchords, and I can recommend it to the moon and back! This is actually the second time we have watched through both seasons because it’s that good, and if fully takes the mickey out of NZ in so many ways. Just look at this poster. It’s all you really need to see to understand the humour of the show.


Other than that, we’ve just been trying to plan a trip to Ireland, which we’ve now moved to September due to how quickly the weeks are going already, and we kinda ran out of time to book things!! Tasha has also been researching into other places she’d to take me which are close by, such as Stourhead which she has highly recommended to visit! So hopefully when the weather is good, we’ll get some awesome photos from there 😀 and maybe Longleat Safari Park!!
See you guys next week!! 😀