WHUPS! I really overshot the blog post for the last two weeks! My bad! I have no real excuse! >0< We have done many things over the last two weeks! Not a heck of a lot of exploring mind you, but stuffs!
We went to the Tank Museum for a day with Tasha’s littlest sister Triniti and Tasha’s nephew Cody which was a blast! I have never seen a tank close before, let along whole bunch they had there from all over the world and different times, from WW1 to modern times! It’s one thing watching documentaries on them and actually seeing them in real life. Being able to physically compare an American Sherman tank to a German King Tiger was such an eye opener to me. Thank heavens that those times have gone, and I have so much respect to all those people who went out and fought for us so we can have the lives we have now… It’s funny how so many people treat their lives like rubbish when I’m sure any of those men would have traded anything to be out of those situations they got put in to be in our shoes right now… ANYHOW, it was still very fascinating to see! We actually spent a good 5-6 hours there, which just flew by!
It was recently Tasha’s sisters birthday (EMILYYYYYYYYY!) the weekend before last and we had a super nummy BBQ for lunch. Tasha took control of the BBQ and we spent a good hour trying to get the coal for it going, using about 6042 fire-lighters in the process. It eventually got going in the end and everyone gobbled down everything super quickly as we were all starving and then we all just sat down and died from sleepiness afterwards, which is by far the best way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me!
ALSO, we are going to Ireland in about two week for about five days! We are mainly going to look at some places where Tasha’s ancestors lived many moons ago. There were a couple of places there where my ancestors came from but we had to cross them off the list as the places were either too far off the main course or we just didn’t have enough information about the places to make going there worth it. Next time maybe! So, expect a few Ireland photos in a few weeks time!

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it (there being buttons on the menu for it on this blog) I highly suggest that you check out Tasha’s comic Hoi Butt which has been updating like mad recently with comics about her and I. They are kinda mushy, especially the most recent one, but I totally love them so much! LOVE THEM!! >w<
Tash and I have also recently signed up for Lootcrate because we are total freakin’ nerds. If you don’t know what Lootcrate is, it’s basically a package that gets sent to you month that contains a bunch of nerdy stuff depending on a theme, so totally up our alley! I have wanted to do it for a while but I have never done it, but that has all changed! The only dumb thing about it is that there is only one t-shirt per month in it and so we will have to change it from male to female each month so we can share the shirts evenly over the months. AH, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.
The first crate we got had an ice mould for a twenty sided dice, a photo of which can be found below somewhere!
Apart from all that gumpf, I’ve still been looking for jobs and getting no good bites as they all seem to be through recruiting companies which I have learned you can’t trust over here XD I shall persist though! We also spent nearly all weekend hammering out comics as it was super rainy and therefore perfect snuggling up and drawing weather! 😀
I’ve also been having major craving to play Star Wars Battlefront more and more so I have recently been asking Tasha to hide it from me so I can’t play it when she heads off to work. However, I have accidentally found it twice already within a week, so if anyone wants to play a game of hide and seek with Tasha don’t expect anything too epic. You’ll just be disappointed.
I also watched the movie Labyrinth for the first time ever (which is funny because I recently got a t-shirt for Labyrinth from Lootcrate and got a Labyrinth comic from free comic book day!) and I don’t know how I hadn’t! It has David Bowie as the main villain! HOW HAD I NOT SEEN IT!!  DX< We also watched the live action Super Mario Bros movie which was beyond crazy but I thought it was great, but that was to be expected. This is all you need to see to understand what I mean.
We have also been Geocaching again for the first time in a while and not doing too badly if I don’t say so myself UwU I am also now leaving behind some old Beefpaper cards in some caches we find if I can as pictured. >:3
I’ll update this blog again just before we head to Ireland before the 10th of June! 😀