HEY HEY! It’s been two weeks since I updated this thang! It was mainly because week 7 was rather uneventful and just full of boring life stuff that everyone does so we thought we would combine week 7 and 8 into one nice, juicy, plump update.
We went back to Bloxworth to see the bluebells again now that they are fully out! It was pretty awesome, the first thing we saw was a HUGE herd of wild deer! But they disappeared off into the forest once we started to approach the entrance D:
Last time we were there, we saw a bunch of tadpoles in puddles, the weather has been warming up a lot recently, so this time we decided to take a container, and spent about 30 minutes fishing out tadpoles from all these puddles that were drying up into a larger one in hopes that more will survive!
Afterwards we popped in to see the family, and I’m starting to notice a common occurrence every time I go there…Squealer (one of their cats) REALLY enjoys using me as a perch! She’ll keep meowing until I pick her up and she will just climb on my shoulders and stay there until Tasha peels her off me XD

 It was free comic book day on Saturday so Tash and I waddled down to one of the comic shops in town and grabbed a whole bunch of comics for free because they were freeeeeee! 😀 It was nice to be able to actually partake in it for the first time ever as back in New Zealand I would of had to travel 2 hours just to find a comic shop, but now it feels like the world is just outside my doorstep and I love it! I also just love the feeling that the comic community exists physically rather just just in cyberspace. *LOTS OF GOOD FEELS STIRRING ON THE INSIDE*  >w<

There were also super tall storm troopers there which just made me feel like one big fat nerd instead of a skinny tall nerd I normally am.

Yesterday we went back to the New Forest which I haven’t been to since I was over here last September, and it was just as awesome as last time. It’s just so pretty and huge and there are so many little things all over the place to find. Tash and I walked deeper into the forest than any other walkers (most of the people were on bikes, weeeeeeak) and it was just so tranquil and dead quiet. All we could hear was the wind through the trees. We decided to take a short break by a little tiny stream and munched on our lunch, because we were so quiet, we didn’t notice a whole bunch of deer standing close by. We got up to leave and they just bounded by us and hopped off into the distance! It was so rand

Also, one of the photos on this blog shows a weird pattern on a tree trunk. That’s from one of the New Forest ponies having a munch on it! Some of the patterns they make are awesome although not very good for the trees.
Afterwards we walked back (only after getting a little bit lost) to the car only to get a bit of a shock. When we arrived that morning there must of been about 15 cars in the car park, but when we got back, I would not be surprised if there was close to 150 cars bumper to bumper all around the area! Something I am learning from being here is to get to places early and beat the crowds!
Something that is kinda good and bad is that I have to go get some work done on my teeth today which is eh but what I was surprised to see is the cost is so much less over here because I am a member of the National Health Service (NHS) over here. The cost of just one filling over in NZ would have cost me about £60 or about $130 NZ dollars where £50 over here gets the all done. It’s not good that I need a couple of fillings done at all but that was still quite a nice surprise considering!
We also recently found a Puss Moth by complete mistake (I was just walking from the car to the fence to look at the view because… I like views?) and I almost stepped on it. Tash has never seen one before as well, so I guess they must be fairly rare! It clung onto Tasha’s hand with its feelers and it really didn’t want to let go, poor little thing  XD It’s caterpillar form is very cool looking to, have a look!
We also got our haircut a week ago which was well needed. Tash got her hair cut super cute (we all know she is cute enough anyway, it’s just backing that cuteness) and I got mine cut about the same length as I always get it cut…boring XD
More shots of us can be found on our Instagram if you really want to be a nosy nelly.
Other than that we have just been hammering out comics like nobodies business and getting out to enjoy the weather which appears to have gone straight from winter to summer overnight! It suddenly went from wearing two pairs of socks to shirt and shorts weather over the weekend! The sun isn’t setting until just after 8pm and rising around 5am. Not complaining though! Just means more time outside for adventuring!!