SORRY WE HAVE BEEN QUIET! We’ve been a wee bit busy over the last two months! 

Though we have been getting a bunch of typical life stuff sorted, we’ve still managed to do some exploring around as usual. We have also been working super hard on our comics and getting ready to go the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds this November, so we haven’t been being too lazy, maybe… *COUGH*

We recently went out to Old Harry’s Rocks on one of the hottest days I have ever had over here, but it was fantastic! Some of the photos from that day are below. WE SAW SOME SLEEPY PIGS ON THE WALK BACK. HOW CAN THERE BE ANY BETTER WAY TO FINISH SUCH A DAY

We have also been thoroughly sucked into the Pokemon Go craze and although the initial hype has calmed down a lot for us, we still play it whenever we go out somewhere for a long time, coz it’s still pretty fun! It was very VERY neat to have been part of something like that as it really was like reliving my childhood all over again! Just finding a new Pokemon and going through the frustration of trying to catch and and fighting all the EXTREMELY frustrating technical issues is something I am going to forever remember. For almost two week we basically did no drawing! WHUPS! What also made it awesome was that Tasha and I were able to relive it together 🙂 so in some ways we can still experience our childhood together, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AFTERALL!
Tasha’s mum and sisters have been getting into it a lot as well (EVEN MORE SO THAN ME, AN OLD SCHOOL POKEMON NERD) and it’s been awesome to make some memories with them with it as well. I doubt our last Pokemon hunts will ever be our last >:D (Any photos in this where you see any of us looking at our phone, we are playing Pokemon… AHEM)
Over the summer, they have fireworks displays down at Poole Quay every Thursday night, we have only missed the first couple I think as we didn’t know about! They have been pretty amazing and actually a bit creative which is something I never used to see back in Whangarei. I have no idea how they managed to make a huge smiley face from just one firework! @0@ Of course, Pokemoning happens during this time with us all. We just can’t help it =w=
WE ALSO PURCHASED A NEW CAR! Her name is Sharon the Third (my last previous cars being Sharon and Sharon the Second). I can’t currently drive her as I am having to wait another month or so before I can exchange my NZ driving license for a UK one, so I’ve just been there twitching away in the passenger’s seat like I have been for the past 830483 months. I SHALL WAIT A LITTLE BIT MOAR @W@

OH OH!! Some also extremely important news for everyone I’m sure is that I actually have access to a sushi bar that isn’t 2 hours drive away! A Yo-Sushi recently opened in Bournemouth and I’m in love, again @w@ Tash and I have said that we are going to limit our visits there to once a month as we tend do go a little overboard… AHEM… OKAY WE ARE A BIT GUILTY OF THIS BUT IT’S BECAUSE IT’S SUPER YUMMYYYYY!
There was also an Airshow at Bournemouth last weekend which was amazing to see, considering the only thing close to an airshow I have ever seen ever is the hospital helicopter flying over my house back in NZ. I can finally say I have seen a flying Spitfire, at last! I got to see the legendary Red Arrows in action as well as some other planes I couldn’t fit into here, such as some crazy people standing on top of biplanes and some other jet-like aircraft being tarts up in the sky. Also, the last aircraft down in the photos above (the jet-thing) was so incredibly powerful that you felt it’s rumble in your freakin’ stomach. It’s one of those thing that you just can’t give justice to in words, you have to experience it yourself to appreciate the power. It was the first time I’ve ever seen something break the sound barrier and create sonic booms also… EVIDENCE BELOW-

Now on a bit more of a serious note:

There has been a lot of concern over my well-being in the UK with the recent Brexit and terrorist attacks over in France, but I want everyone to know I am doing FINE.

Though the Brexit has been a big shock, and the British economy is darting all over the place, the fact is that the future of Britain is uncertain, but that doesn’t have a direct affect on me. It’s to do with the relationship between the UK and Europe, not New Zealand or other commonwealth countries. In fact there are rumours that the UK want to improve their relationship with New Zealand now that they don’t have ties to Europe. Yes the pound has dropped, but so has the New Zealand dollar, so in reality it’s not had any influence on my situation at ALL.

In regards to terrorist attacks, it is very unlikely they will have any interest in a fishing town, Poole’s main attraction are red squirrels and a large harbour. Other than that, I can hardly see any terrorists wanting to attack Poole as much as they would want to attack Whangarei.

The attacks are in Europe, but Europe is huge, and at the end of the day what is the point of living life if you don’t take chances to actually live it? We can’t live in fear of the ‘what ifs’ we have to live for the now.
I have no plans of coming back to New Zealand any time soon, I’m not having to move away because of finances, or terrorists. I am extremely happy here with Tasha, we take care of each other, and Tasha’s family give me a huge amount of support too. I don’t care for people’s gossip or scare-mongering, so I would appreciate it if people held themselves back from telling those who care about me these lies and let me live my life.


That’s what we have been up to recently! We’ll try and make more of an effort to update this at least once a month instead of never from now on. I am currently working on something super secret for Beefpaper which I will announce in a month or so, so if you are a reader of Beefpaper and read this blog, lucky you >U>