Last weekend we went to a place called Stourhead since we now have easy access to all the National Trust places after becoming members. We picked one of the best days to pick for it, totally blue skies! We took 5683472846 photos while there, but the property was so HUGE and awesome (POINTS TO PHOTOS BELOW) you can understand why I went a little nuts! It’s was one of those days where you had to be there to appreciate the beauty and history of the location. If you don’t know what Stourhead is, have a quick read up here. The history behind just the house itself is really amazing, and the stories of the people who lived there are pretty fascinating.

There is even a natural spring and obelisk there, including the odd structure or two that isn’t really talked about online, such as the one where some truly sexy devil doing a squat in front of >:D it’s an old well about 30 minutes walk from the main gardens (it’s also shown on the second the last photo of the second lots of photos on this post) which indicates the start of the Stour River. We spent a good 6 hours there in total, yes, there is THAT much to see! We even saw a little nest of Moorhens there too which was neat surprise. A grown moorhen looks very similar to a Pukeko from NZ!
Seriously I could go on about that place but I better not… XD
Since we didn’t ruin our feet enough that weekend, we decided to head to Southampton for several reasons: Forbidden Planet (a nerdy shop), Ed’s Easy Diner (an American style diner which looks like it has been ripped straight out of Happy Days) and most importantly, YO SUSHI!! I admit that I have really missed sushi since moving over here, and Yo Sushi is one of the places that does sushi similar to what I really enjoyed back in NZ (But it’s super expensive >_o).
We ate quite a good amount of sushi, to put it lightly, but it was worth it as it scratched my sushi itch very VERY nicely! Just before that however, we had ‘breakfast’ at Ed’s and had a MASSIVELY NAUGHTY Nutella milkshake for breakfast!! I swear those things are 1000% of your recommended daily intake of sugar, but it was a treat, like the whole day to be honest… UwÚ
The Forbidden Planet in Southampton is the closest one to us, other than London, and I absolutely LOVE it there, cause I’m a big fat nerd, JUST LIKE TASHA!! 😀 You can see our things that we brought from there, including our new facehugger plush that we have named Fluffykins, based on something from this comic made by Tasha recently, it’s the fifth question down in it! She is happy and healthy. We feed her many faces to keep her in tip top shape! 😀
Oh, and the photo of the damaged building above is a church in Southampton that was constructed in 1320, it was damaged during World War 2 by German bombing. I just the amount of history this country holds is really amazing to me…
AAAAAAAAND, speaking of sushi, we really felt like some more, so we just went and made our own yesterday as we have pure skill. Well, Tasha made most (ALL) of it while I professionally documented the procedure like David Attenborough. BUT BOY WAS IT ALSO SUPER YUMMY!! We were both starving as we were making them, but I really could not eat anything else when we were done with them. I have instructed Tash to make them for me everyday because I am totally the boss of her, we all know that right?   -UwU-

AAAAAAAAAAAAND today, we went to the amazing Corfe Castle! That place really doesn’t have some nice history, but it’s not all bad, kinda…  XD Just knowing that 22 people starved to death in the the castles dungeon which you end up walking close by, is a very unusual feeling, as you can imagine. The castle has been sieged, bought, had kings and queens stay there, but if you wanna read up on it all of it can be found on the web!
There was also a falconier show which we accidentally got to just as it started (we always seem to time these things up perfectly). One of the falcons came ‘this’ close to taking out Tasha as it flew down past the crowd and it very nearly clipped the person who was sitting in front of us. The falconers did say that the falcons would come down close to the crown, but not THAT close!! Incredible animals they are, and I really wouldn’t want to have one of them hunting me if I was a small creature!

Other than that, we have been putting in a really good ammount of effort to our comics! I have been pushing the limits of what I thought I could do when it comes to animating in my comics and I do think that people will enjoy the comics that will be posted over the next few weeks to come. Tash has also been working like a little beast to get her buffer up for all her comics because of our upcoming trip to Ireland on Friday which will be super awesoooooome! Expect ten thousand photos for the next blog post because of that!
In total, we have done 62,362 footsteps the last two weeks and why we are both losing weight around our tummies despite some seriously bad milkshake eating!
Oh, and over the last few weeks we have been playing a stupid game to see how many Mini’s (you know, the car) we can see each week… we are normal, HONEST. Our highscore is currently 271… WOOOO! We aren’t allowed to count the same Mini once we have seen it, so each Mini we count must not be one we have seen before. I’m sure we have counted the odd Mini more than once now and again, but we tend to forget what number we are at the beginning at each day and revert back to a number that we both remember from the day before, so it’s a good system!  XD

That’s pretty much it I think! We’ll see you guys in about two weeks or so! <3
That dude in the background has totally been caught digging for gold…