HEY GUYS! To gradually raise up money to pay for Shane’s next visa to stay in the UK, we are offering some

sweet original sketches drawn by the lord of fire them self, Tasha!

Here’ what we are currently offering:

£30+ for a pre-drawn signed sketch

For anyone who pays £30+ will receive an original signed sketch by myself! I have a bunch to choose from (see below)!

£40+ for a pre-drawn signed & inked sketch

Please keep in mind that the ink drawings are going for £40 due to how much longer they take to draw.

£50+ for a signed sketch request*

*HOWEVER! If you pay £50+ I will draw you whatever you want and post it to you!

£70+ for a digital colour and signed sketch*

*Anything more than £70+ I will digitally colour your sketch and post you the original version!


Here are the pre-drawn images currently up for sale! We’ll try and keep these images as up to date as possible-





Sketches completed and sent off to some awesome chums!



If you have any questions at all or are interested in buying a sketch, then contact us using the email address below! THANK YOU!!