As I type this, it is 9:49pm on Wednesday the 16th of March using Tasha’s absolutely horrible keyboard which was no doubt made in the 1800s. We both woke up at 2am this morning we presume because of jet-lag from the flight two days ago, or maybe because we are just amazingly synced up together. We also accidentally slept 6 hours together at lunchtime because of this so now both our clocks are messed uP HORRIBLY AND I’VE ACCIDENTALLY HIT CAPS LOCK AGAIN FOR THE 5TH TIME IN TWO MINUTES BECAUSE THE KEYBOARDS HERE ARE DIFFERENT FROM NEW ZEALAND ONES. Tasha also just walked by with a bucket of water from her pet Axolotl tank while grunting ‘WWWHYYYYYYY’.

I am fairly happy with how the move has gone from NZ to the UK, it’s pretty much what I expected. The weather is a lot colder than New Zealand (NZ is just coming out of an amazing hot summer!), there are pigeons, and I keep waking up in a web of Tasha’s hair every morning so far, so YA!

Today we went down to a tiny little miniature post shop to pick up my Biometric Resident Permit which is the very last step of the whole visa process, so it’s finally all done and dusted and I can now focus on making a life here! It’s super nice knowing that thAT’S IS ALL DONE AND I HAVE HIT CAPS LOCK AGAIN HAVEN’T I.

I also called up the Job Centre to get my National Insurance Number (NIN) application started! It will take about 6-8 weeks in total to complete because the David Cameron has to hand write every application form, or something like that.

Tasha also called up the Council to get me onto the Council tax bill, WHICH TOOK AGES BECAUSE THEY ACCIDENTALLY HUNG UP ON HER FIRST TIME ROUND!

Word of warning to anyone who want’s to move to the UK…YOU NEED PROOF OF ADDRESS FOR EVERYTHING! Such as registering for the NHS, opening up a bank account etc. So having your name on a Council Tax bill is super handy. Get that done ASAP if you can!

The next big thing to start focusing on is a job for me! I have a feeling that I am going to end up on a IT helpdesk like I was previously but I think I might end up dabbling in some random jobs first just to test the water a little while I can. Here are list of jobs I would like to try:

  • Book shop worm
  • Finger food collector
  • Light shade mechanic
  • The newest member of Moulin Rouge
  • Tasha tamer
If anyone has any of these positions open then please message me ASAP.