To me, Mother’s Day has never been about one single day, because all those hugs, kisses, car drives to university interviews, ears lent and shoulders to cry on, well….You can’t put all that into one day, no matter how hard you try.

My mum and I have had our differences, heck, we are only human! But I have always considered her a best friend. I know how lucky I am to have a mother like her, and will never take that for granted. I hope even when we don’t see each other for weeks on end, or talk on the phone, she knows that doesn’t mean I love her any less, but am grateful to her for allowing me to have that freedom to live my life.

It hasn’t been an easy road to walk, but we all did it together. When we were young, we were caught up in some situations that did unfortunately leave brutal marks on our lives, and at times our mum was worried she didn’t do her best for us. But having grown, and looking back at what we lived through together, I know now it only made us stronger, drew us closer and I would not change any of that for the world.

Thanks to Lilo and Stitch, we were introduced to the wonderful word “Ohana”, a word which has become a large part of our relationship together. We have had a lot of stigma due to the fact that none of us have the same fathers, and on top of that, none of our dads stuck around. So many people wrote us off as failures before we were even given a chance, it was our mum’s constant support that pushed us through the ocean of doubt, many of which was from people we should have been able to trust.  One thing I am saddened about, was that there was a time where I was ashamed that we had different fathers, but over the years, seeing how poor some families relationships are with each other in comparison to the strong bonds I hold with mine, I know for a fact that you are defined not by the blood, but the love that you share.

That being said, I also know the importance of belonging. While on this subject I would like to draw thanks to my grandmother, another woman who also helped to raise us and one who I have shared many adventures and wonderful memories with.

Shane and I will be going on another adventure with my grandma soon, returning to a place in Wales where she was evacuated to during the war with her adopted mother.

Growing up with my grandmother’s tales inspired me in so many ways, she was probably the main contributor to my love for travelling, and has taught me the value of knowing your roots. We have spent years working on our family tree (I even started Shane’s!), it is absolutely amazing and rewarding connecting up the dots! It wasn’t until recent years did we actually manage to find where she came from, it was around her 75th birthday when she first spoke to someone who was a blood relation, other than her kids and grandkids, a moment I was so proud of being part of.

I know quite a few people who are adopted, and each react differently to their situations. For grandma’s birthday we will be making a youtube video about her life, to capture memories, the crazy story about how she was adopted out (like seriously – thank goodness it’s not like that now!), and what it was like growing up during those times at the end of the war, when Britain was recovering and what it was like finding her biological family.

These two women have left such a wonderful impact in my life, they have given me so much and I do hope I make them proud.

I love you so much mum and grandma, never forget that, and never doubt it <3