And comics, of course!

Most of this week has been taken up with a large amount of comic work as my comic ‘buffer’ had gotten down a little since all this moving and adventuring guff started happening, but it’s mostly all back up to date! My comic is also about to become fully freehand (for the characters anyway) as I have always drawn my characters off a template of sorts to help me draw them accurately, but no more! The first comic is this style is going up next Thursday UK time and I am super happy that I have finally gotten to the stage where I can draw like this as I am no longer restricted to preparing comics on the computer. I can do it on paper like they used to do it back in the day so comic production should go up a little bit hopefully! YAY FOR GOOD STUFFS!

We geocached LOADS this weekend and we walked about 9-10 hours this just exploring around the place and caching it up! I know I have said it before but if you can go Geocaching freakin’ DO IT, especially if you have a buddy to do it with! IT’S SO MUCH FUNS AND IT’S EXERCISE THAT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE EXERCISE AND IT MAKES YOU THINK! In the second image above, for example, the little pink capsule was suspended up in a tree, held up there by a little log that Tasha can be seen holding and you can see a few more images below of some peoples handiwork of hiding their caches around. And also, if you are a clumsy muppet like me, you could even fall over and tear your hands and knees to pieces! 😀 Tasha, being the big caring dork she is, patched me all up super good so I’m all better now. I was super lucky to not wreck my DSLR camera that I was carrying with me at the time as it had it’s lens cap off and I fell pretty badly, but it only came out with a little scratch on its case which is cosmetic so it’s all super good!

We also came across a house that had a couple of really grumpy alpaca’s in their back garden munching on their trees…I think we should perhaps phone Peru in the morning to let them know D:

I also had my first ever hot dog ever this week which was a thing! They were Quorn hot dogs which are meat-free (I can’t even tell the difference with Quorn products, honest to glob) and I can say is NOM NOM NOM! They are a thing in my life now which is not going away any time soon. It’s just another thing that Tasha has made me addicted too, as well as tiger bread which is probably the yummiest bread I have ever eaten…. CURSE YOU TASHA! CURSE YOOOOOOOOU!! She had also told me off a couple of times because I may or may not have eaten half of it before we even made it home <_<;

Other than that it’s pretty much been life as normal (as normal as life is here) and soldiering on with day to day things! Boring stuff like playing Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4 and destroying rebel scum dramatically. Y’know, day to day stuff! (SERIOUSLY THOUGH THAT GAME IS SUPER MEGA FUN I MAY BE ADDICTED AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH). OH! We are also up-to-date now with the Walking Dead 😀 We watched the last episode of season 6 last Tuesday and GHFJDKGHSDKLJGHJFKSD DANG THOSE CLIFF HANGERS!

I now leave you with these lovely images from using the app FaceSwap <3