I know I have said it so often before…But dang, you’ve all helped both Shane and myself with so much!! We absolutely love how involved you all get with our comics! It’s so heartwarming and awesome to see you guys enjoying yourself as much as we do!! Even those of you who are usually too shy to comment, we appreciate your silent support >X3!! You guys are like…READER NINJAS OR SOMETHING!!!

Also….Anxiety SUCKS BUTT!! I’ve had it since I was badly bullied at school DX I get such bad attacks that the last time I had one, I was bedridden x.x;; I thought I got caught by a speed camera on my way to work (it was actually another driver but at the time I didn’t realise this!), and I FREAKED. I started to think I would be a disappointment to everyone, and a bad influence on my sisters. I felt worthless that I could have done something so stupid because I was tired, I mean, what if that was a kid instead of a camera???

Seriously, the negativity was crazy, and what was worse was that I couldn’t escape it because it was in my head.

At work I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and ended up with a migraine and vertigo. My boss sent me home where I slept for a day.

People really underestimate how much the body can just knock everything out of you from stress. I used to think it was a sign of weakness, but when I look back, I held myself together for years before I snapped. Now I know how to deal with my anxiety before it gets too bad 🙂 If you suffer anxiety, I am sure there will be ways to help you too! But it takes hard work and patience DX seriously taking me years to get this far!!

BUT YOU CAN DO IT GUYS! *FIST BUMPS YOU ALL* Bop that anxiety on the nose =w= <3