Yes, this was an actual conversation.

I honestly think saying good bye to Shane at the airport was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever been through…It doesn’t help either seeing all the other tearful partners at the airport saying good bye to each other before heading to their home countries.

Being in that moment, I remember thinking “this doesn’t make sense, none of this makes sense!”, why is it that despite the fact that we are all from the same planet, we have so many rules and regulations stopping people who are in love from being with each other?! Why must being in love with someone have to rely on someone’s dumb decision on whether we can be together or not….(I don’t need anyone to explain this XD I DO get the political side of it! But this doesn’t stop you from thinking it’s not fair.)

It took me a pretty damn long time to stop crying, my mum had to phone me up and distract me most of my journey home so I didn’t stupidly crash (DON’T CRY AND DRIVE GUYS!)

It’s crazy how much emotions can hurt, but hearing Shane’s voice on the other end of our Skype call really eased it. I KNOW! SUPER CORNY! But so truuuueee….

When we were finally reunited, it was so amazing, like a whole weight had been lifted. Distance can really drag you down, there are ways of distracting yourself from it, but man, sometimes it’s like you can FEEL the amount of earth between you…One thing about long-distance relationships, it really does make you appreciate the contact!

I sometimes remember how it felt when we look at some of the last photos we took before Shane headed back to New Zealand, and I can feel that lump develop in my throat again DX I really really hope we never have to experience that again…EVER!!! And for those who are still having to go through that…*HUGS YOU SO DARN TIGHT* It is worth it, you can get through it! And we are sending you guys much love and strength to help!!