Soooo, back in New Zealand, they don’t have any snakes! So Shane was more than a little surprised when I said we have quite a few in this country and that one is actually quite poisonous XD Adders are around the coast and in sandy areas here where they like to sunbath, you definitely don’t want to step on one DX!

So I told him that they can sense the vibrations of you walking so if he’s worried, just make slightly heavier steps. I then turned around and continued to walk, and behind me all I could here was the loud noises of sticks and grass crunching as Shane’s footsteps got about 30 times heavier XD

He’s calmed down a bit now since it’s a little uncommon to see them, but they do hide in the long grass so can never be too sure!

AND YES DX I DREW MY HAIR WRONG HERE XD this was back in 2015 when I was growing my hair to donate it to charity…I kinda…forgot to draw my hair long though…HAAAAA…!! XD;