YESSS a new Hoi Butt episode! AFTER ALL THIS TIME! It wasn’t as long a hiatus as Tethered XD THANK GOODNESS!

Shane is now opening up for commissions as another source of income to help with paying toward the wedding. It’s not been easy trying to find a job for Shane in this country, I have spoken to a couple of my other friends (both foreign and UK citizens) who are also jobless, are in the same boat, IT’S NEAR TO IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A JOB ATM DX So we are trying to take this into our own hands by pushing the rewards on patreon for what we can offer people, as well as (hopefully) putting Tizzy Stitchbird onto the tipping system on Tapastic! If Shane could earn enough through his comics, that’d just be a HUGE relief, and also help towards his next visa!

We also want to thank all the wonderful people who are helping us out already, you guys seriously are awesome 😉 yes, you know who you are <3 WE LOVE YOU *STRETCHES ARMS ACROSS THE WORLD AND HUGS YOU*!!

ANYHOW! Yus! So we have perhaps, maybe, quite possibly gone crazy with Fallout 4 recently… I haven’t played it since April coz we have been so busy with LIFE! so we kinda figured we had a right to play it this Christmas break, and oh boy, did we take advantage @w@;; I get so addicted to this game, and now Shane shares this addiction…We have tried to be good, but we keep looking at it with twitching eyes as we fight back UNBEARABLE urges and cope with withdrawal symptoms….

Oh yea….I also chopped off all my hair a month ago XD