So yea, I have been asked this quite a few times now, so at least with this I can just link people up if I am asked again XD

TOTALLY ALL TRUE GUYS! Especially the part with me riding a dolphin in some badass shades UwU

*Thank you to Hana! Artist and creator of ‘Oh Hana!’ for helping me with trying to work out what the characters were from the rubbish little photo I sent you XD GO CHECK OUT HER CUTE COMIC GUYS! She’s seriously SO ADORABLE!! *LOVES HER INSTAGRAM*

I am pretty sure those are the correct Chinese characters XD When I went to Malaysia years back, my cousin wrote down the Chinese characters for my name and I am pretty sure it was wrong, he was still learning XD first off he wrote 何 (hé), which doesn’t make sense, I am pretty certain he was meant to write 河 (hé) which means river 😛 and even then, though it’s close, I know Hoi is meant to translate to ‘sea’. So I’ve changed it to this character: 海 (hǎi) XD so for now I have settled with 海 仙 (Hǎi Xiān)!

HERE’S A FUN FACT FOR Y’ALL – I actually created Hoi Butt so I could surprise Shane with the birthday episode at the very beginning of this series XD SO SHANE IS TO BLAME FOR HOI BUTT EXISTING!

PLUS, back then, I wanted to give Shane something to smile about, he left the UK early October and we were still recovering the trauma of saying goodbye at the airport…I’VE NEVER CRIED SO MUCH IN MY LIFE DX

It’s weird looking back at that episode now…We didn’t properly announce back then that we were a couple, we got super paranoid and wanted to make sure he could move over here to be with me first! It almost felt like if we yelled it out to everyone we’d jinx it @.@;;!!