I’ve already watched all of Game of Thrones, and in the process Shane started to watch it with me XD he got really confused with who was who but enjoyed the story, and instead of me trying to explain 6 seasons to him we decided to watch it together from scratch.
At first I didn’t think he’d like it so much, Shane prefers more light-hearted comedy series, and GoT’s is FAAARRR from that! But hey, this pleasantly surprised us both and he’s been glued to the TV since haha!!
We’re only up to season 4 now, going to watch the first episode shortly @W@ so NO SPOILERS PLS!

We’ve also added a few more forum subjects, more to come!

Also, also! WE HAVE 100 SUBSCRIBERS :’D OMGLOB THANKS EVERYONE!! As a little gift back, Shane and I was wondering if you’d like exclusive (one-off) wallpapers for your desktop and phone for everyone who has subscribed? If so….Any suggestions of what you’d like us to draw? :3 let us know in the comments section!