This happens SO OFTEN! DX< I usually have to push Shane back onto his side of the bed otherwise he will end up pushing me out XD and in the morning times when I get up for work he can’t get on my side of the bed quick enough!

But yaaa =w= I don’t mind so much, after doing long distance it REALLY makes you appreciate this! Even after a year it sure as heck hasn’t gotten boring waking up to that slimy dork every morning ;w; EVEN IF HE DOES STEAL MY SIDE OF THE BED DX<

Oh oh, talking about Long distance…does anyone who uses Skype a lot find that every now and then it SCREAMS at you? Shane and I would be talking and then suddenly we have to hang up the call because there is a static screeching noise DX or have they fixed that issue?!

BTW, Shane and I have been asked a few times about readers wanting to become facebook friends with us XD we have felt uncomfortable about it because there’s a lot of personal family-based stuff on our facebook accounts, BUT we have made another account just for friending readers and comic pals!! :3 so if you want us as a facebook friend, feel free to add me by going here: