I’m sorry to say, but Shane is kinda cute when he sulks =w= all I have to do is give him a snuggle and a kitty video and he’s back to his giggling old self! THANK YOU INSTAGRAM :’D

We can’t even remember why he was sulking in the first place! OH WELL!! In other news we have been doing the needed preparations for Shane’s birthday!! We’ve gotten a bunch of DVD’s (What we do in the Shadows, Hocus Pocus, Babadook, Trick or Treat, The Shining), stocked up on chocolates and Halloween sweets and packed all our decorations to head off to the cottage =w= can’t freaking wait! 

I also sliced my finger open this week at work with a scaple, which was fun, had a flappy bit of skin and everything! It’s mending well though, I just keep accidentally knocking it and it hurts like heck :’D

Anyhow, does anyone have any plans for their Halloween holidays?! Or movies they plan on watching?! Stay awesome everyone!