WE’RE BACK 😀 Omgosh, we went to Thought Bubble last weekend (Hence our absence) and IT WAS SO GOOD! We met some awesome people there and spent way too much money on new comics hahahaha!! But how can you not go to a con and spend a fortune =w=

And now…It looks like I have got competition! WITH A SPIDER!!! We have had tons of spiders in recently, lots of false widows xD and I am pretty sure one has taken a liking to Shane, it basically chased him across the living room X’D Though neither of us exactly want to go near these little critters, there’s no way we would want to harm them either DX< THEY DESERVE TO LIVE!! We always catch them and release them like, a mile away from our place UwU 

It also seems like I might be partaking in Inktober now xD I wasn’t going to but a friend has convinced me it might be a good and fun idea hahaha! So might do Flick/Tethered themed ones :3 get back into the swing of things with Ed and Cara now a new chapter has been released! I shall post them on Instagram and twitter =w= WOOP