If you would like to see Shane’s smooth legs in RL, we captured the beasts on camera XD you can swing by to our youtube channel to see them!


Shane recently got the OK from the Dr in regards to drinking alcohol (originally it was thought that it would seriously harm his liver even if he had a little bit due to a condition he has). Though turns out it is okay in small amounts :D!! Sooooo that being said, we got him some fruity cider (coz we all know Shane wouldn’t be able to handle the hardier stuff). SHANE IS SUCH A LIGHTWEIGHT! Oh my gosh, this stuff had like, 4% alcohol in it and one bottle got him tipsy haha! After two bottles he convinced me that his life was only complete if he was able to remove his leg hair so that we could be smooth-legged together. Shane is such an adorable cuddly drunk hahaha!