We have indeed been busy bunnies recently! FELT SUPER BAD MISSING AN UPDATE! I’M SORRY EVERYONE!!!

But we came across a post on TopWebComics like, a month ago or something, about them starting up a new webcomic platform called Webcomic Avenue – and from the sounds of it they really had their hearts in the right place, putting the creator first and wanting to strengthen the webcomic community. I decided to send them a message saying how awesome that all sounded and somehow Shane and I ended up being pulled aboard onto the team to help with a bunch of stuff XD something we worked on will be revealed this week >:3 very much looking forward to sharing it around!!

Anyhow, here’s their Twitter and Facebook page, give it a look coz if you’re a creator there are some amazing features they are going to offer, including a huge amount of customisation and your own personal forum. PLUS they are working on ways to really help push up new and upcoming creators too! To find out a bit more, take a look at this Twitter thread, which includes images of what the site is going to look like! SUPER EXCITED FOR LAUNCH DATE GHFDJSKGHFDKHSL

I just feel that this is going to be a great step forward for the webcomic community, there has been a lot of concern around for the safety of comic rights and who to and not to trust. Webcomic Avenue is really wanting to give the creators the power to decide their own destiny rather than leaving it in the hands of companies that are making a huge amount of money on the backs of creators who provide a LOT of content for free.

Hope y’all had an awesome weekend!!! ❤❤❤