Yea I said copy and paste in the comic coz that was aimed for people on webtoons XD HERE YOU CAN JUST CLICK! YOU LUCKY BUNNIES!

Shane did see the snow when he was extremely young, but doesn’t remember it at all, so waking up to see the ground completely white outside was very exciting for him! He was like a puppy it was so freaking adorable, just kept wanting to go back out into it haha! The video shows a bit more XD we are actually going to be putting up more videos, we got a new camera a couple of weeks ago for our trip to Scotland later this year @W@ sooo….Expect more from us! X3 we also made ourselves a new logo for Natashane Adventures! Which you can see here on the fresh new website ;w; ❤❤❤ Did anyone else enjoy the snow recently??? Hope you’re snowmans turned out better than ours XD;