YEP. THIS HAPPENED. XD And Shane didn’t seem phased by it at all haha! I BET IT’S PROBABLY COZ HE USED TO DO THIS WHEN HE WAS A KID TOO!

I had to hold back my laughter though, my little nephew keeps doing this and also pretending to pee on us XD; I keep getting told off for laughing coz it encourages him haha!

Cody loves Shane coming over ;w; like, seriously won’t let me near Shane because he wants him all to himself XD it’s so cute, we took our 3DS’s over with us and Cody was challenging us to Pokemon Battles and bragging about how he has these amazing pokemon XD then we found out he only had 6 Pokemon in total so Shane has been working hard trading Pidgies to get some more good ones for Coco coz we felt super sad for him not having too many >0<!!

ANYHOW! Just jotting this all down coz I like looking back at it XD this is a diary comic after all so expect a couple of diary-like entries now and then!