That’s right, not all expectations are positive ones :/

From some guys, I’ve heard that relationships don’t work unless you spend money, because women are only attracted to men of success, be that financially, or socially (yes I know there are gold diggers, but don’t assume all women are like that!) I’ve known men who feel possessive over women, like because they are the providers, they have some sort of right in saying “why don’t you put some makeup on.” Don’t scoop so low that appearances should matter so much, it’s no wonder some girls feel like they have to hide behind their masks.

Don’t think I’m taking any sides here, I’ve also had women tell me that they want men to adore and ‘covet’ them. I’ve had girls literally say lists of things they want their future boyfriends to conform to, seriously, I bet you would hate it if you had to tick boxes to please a guy, so why put that pressure onto them? I also never got the whole planning-your-wedding-before-you-even-have-a-partner thing, how is that important?! The point of being married to someone is to spend your life with that one person, not it’s materialistic value! Think how terrifying it is for any potential partners, they MIGHT feel like they have to reach some sort of bar put in place before they were even around. I also get tired of hearing that no decent guys exist, ok sure, you’ve possibly been hurt, but that doesn’t mean ALL men are arseholes. There’s 7.4 billion people in the world, what makes you think there isn’t someone out there for you?

At the end of the day, relationships are a 2-way thing, I find it’s important that your partner is your best friend, that you both are equals in the relationship. You might have to compromise, but never feel like you need to change yourself to make someone happy. Be considerate of one another and love each other, differences ‘n’ all.

Sorry for the rant guys x.x; I know we are all entitled to make up our own minds, but I’m just dumbfounded at times.