PERIOD PANTS (along with hot water bottles) SAVE LIVES. Oh man nothing is more comfy during that wretched time of the month! So yes, my sister dyed my hair red and as I was changing I over-heard their conversation and couldn’t stop laughing at Shane trying to explain himself out of this XD Just a note – the fact that they’re red is totally just coincidence, I didn’t intentionally chose that to cover my tracks or anything, they’re actually Shane’s old pyjama bottoms 😛


Some of you know this sister as ‘Ruby’ 😛 we recently started streaming games together on twitch! She’s also invaded one of our discord channels and making friends with readers UwU Ruby is also Cody’s mummy!

If anyone wants to hang with us while we’re playing games, you can find us on twitch under either SevenRubyGaming or NatashaneButt!


P.S. if you’re a subscriber and are currently not in the chat, please email us at to notify us (we will check our user base to confirm) and we will throw you a link!