A couple of years back, Shane and I spoke about how he felt uncomfortable with the conversations a few of the guys at his work would have, about their sexual experiences with girls. He would always try to ignore it or change the conversation when girls came up, that some of them assumed Shane was gay.

I told Shane he had nothing to be ashamed of if he wanted to be honest and just tell them he’s not interested because he was asexual.

However, when Shane did try to be honest about it, it was pretty much shoved back into his face.

The particular person we have mentioned in this comic really put down asexuality, saying it wasn’t a sexuality, it was a sickness and that Shane was just inexperienced when it came to women.

Shane began to doubt himself a lot, and was upset at the lack of understanding and support around him, he was left feeling broken and isolated. It wasn’t until we spoke about it did Shane feel like he could be himself, which I found heart breaking at the time. Back then, I wished for nothing more than for us to be together, so we didn’t have to put up with people like that on our own.

It is so refreshing now that we are together, and we are strong enough to tell people to back off. We feel very lucky now to be surrounded by welcoming and accepting people, those times only remind us to appreciate what good we do have, and to hold onto it with all our might.