OH MY GLOB! LONG TIME NO HEAR RIGHT?!! Sorry to anyone who was worried that we were gone forever…We’ve been kinda busy haha!!! First off, Shane’s mummy came over from New Zealand, so we went on a BUNCH of adventures with her, then the whole marriage thing (I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW GFDHJKGSLF) and then we had to apply for a new Visa for Shane AND HE GOT IT!!! GHFDJKSGHFDSKLGFDS!!

I have been smiling so much recently, like holy bagels, so much pressure and worry has been lifted off our shoulders it’s CRAZY! On another note of pressure and worry, Shane and I have also decided on doing something else with our comics, that mostly effect people on Tapas, but here’s a link to the blog because it WILL effect anyone who reads Tethered: http://natashaneadventures.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/future-webcomic-posts.html

WE’RE BACK THOUGH!!! I am also changing up the Hoi Butt Style, trying something new coz I have gotten back into my scrap books recently (which is the look I really want for Hoi Butt) so I am going to see if I can push it even more 🙂