TOPIT’S OFFICIALLY UNDER A MONTH NOW! AAAHHHHH!!!!! Shane has been such an adorable dork recently…I mean, like, more than usual, and super snuggly XD I will take that as a sign that he’s pretty happy about it haha!! We have been focusing a lot on the preparations and probably will go a bit quiet coming up to the day. Also, Shane’s mum is coming over from New Zealand for the Wedding AND her birthday – We booked the wedding to be on her birthday to have a SUPER DUPER day of celebrations ❤❤❤!!!

FYI – I still plan on uploading Hoi Butt, but will probably just make a bunch and put it into a buffer, ready to just upload on the days they need uploading @w@ but please don’t be offended if I can’t reply to your comments straight away, we are wanting to spoils Shane’s mummy while she is here X3 and so it’s likely we aren’t going to be at home much XD Now excuse me while we continue to squeee in excitement @w@ *FLIES OFF* ❤❤❤