DON’T WORRY GUYS! I’M OK! Recently my emotions and anxieties have been playing up, and this is literally how Shane and I deal with it (it happens the other way too when Shane’s not feeling so great either!) we just flop onto the bed and lie there holding each other, no talking, coz hey, sometimes actions DO speak louder than words.

There’s no denying that a lot of people suffer anxiety, it’s pretty natural right? But some do have it worse than others. For me, I get pretty bad spouts, to the point where I get insomnia, negative thoughts and nervous twitches (like really weird ones…such as scrunching my eyes til they hurt, or I get this crazy urge to constantly push all the air out of my lungs…Not fun coz I’m pretty sure it causes bruising over time XD).

The thing is though, there are ways to ease the pressure of anxiety, it doesn’t eliminate it, but it can help until you can get a grip of it again! It’s just knowing what can trigger your attacks, and what helps to ease it. I don’t like large crowds, and I also get agitated staying indoors, so I go on long walks with Shane to secluded places early in the morning to avoid people. Shane also strokes my arm and hair at night to calm me down and help me sleep. A change in diet can also help too! Eating vegetables and having less caffeine XD seems obvious but OMGLOB does it help!

Shane and I also play a lot of games to keep our minds distracted while we are trying to relax…And talking…We talk about everything and anything, even if it’s repeating ourselves, coz getting these worries off our chest is like taking pressure off a wound XD!!

So does anyone else here have any good tips or tricks that they do to tackle their own stresses and anxiety? Coz it’s all well and good knowing it’s around, but how can we really deal with it and help ourselves out?