Fact, Shane actually drew that sketch XD

We tried not to think of the distance, but now that Shane’s in the UK…SHANE AND I WERE 11,378 MILES FROM EACH OTHER!! (18311.116 KM)! To put that in perspective, the Earth’s only 7,917.5 wide…OUR DISTANCE TO TRAVEL WAS MORE THAN THE WIDTH OF THE EARTH!

Something else you can do, which Shane and I couldn’t because of the distance & time between us, is fall asleep together with Skype running, we did do this once or twice, but only when we didn’t have to get up for work…

Little more advice – Don’t put pressure on each other, the distance is stressful enough, so please don’t expect too much from each other. This can leave one of you to feeling insecure, as if they have to continuously please you for you to keep liking them. I’ve seen this happen in regular relationships, doing this at a distance can wear the relationship down, this has to be a team effort!

Great games to play are:
1) TF2 (it’s free, but you’d want to play it with more than 6 people). It’s a great game to play if you want to get to know each others friends 🙂 so if you eventually move over, you will already know people.
2) Don’t Starve Together – You do need to buy it, but it’s buy one get one free, so you can give a copy to your partner. Play with friends or just together, either works well!
3) Borderlands 1 and/or 2 – SUCH FUN!! Another game you have to buy, but so worth it, such great game play with good humour.

I hope this helps anyone out there doing LD, if any readers here have done LD & want to share their experiences with everyone, please do so!! Write your stories/suggestions in the comment section, give those still doing long distance hope and awesome ideas!