POOR OLD JACK. He parties around town all day by his beloved fans and after 6 hours or so of partying his beloved friends and fans decide to knock him over/slay him and then rip his leaves off him to release the spirit of summer. JACK WAS MY SUMMER SPIRIT AND I WANT HIM BACK. All we have left of him is a leaf which I shall cherish until it is but dusty crumbs… 9__9

I put my un-green jumper on cause it was cold DON’T JUDGE ME

Here’s a little video I took of Jack in his happy dancing prime before the… incident’… I do have a video of his getting slain but you honestly can’t see much or hear much because of the wind. And it breaks my heart too much :'(

(Sorry about the camera shakiness, there were people everywhere and WIND and RAIN and SHAKY HAND SHANE HAD SHAKY HANDS)