If we couldn’t grow up together, we’re sure as heck going to grow old together!!! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING @w@!!

A few people have teased me because I’m getting grey hair, but heck, I couldn’t really less XD it’s all part of being alive and human after all, and if I can do this with Shane, then I’ve got nothing to complain about!

My mum also has a bet with me that I will dye my hair as soon as I start to go grey =w= but little does she know is that I’m too lazy to dye my hair! EASY WIN! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Plus I have never dyed my hair in my life…SO WHY START NOW RIGHT?! *Is just totally lazy*

I don’t have that t-shirt (yet), but totally would love to have it one day! It’s based on something we would say to each other while doing long distance =w= …Basically we spoke once about how cool it would be if we each had a key that could open up any door to lead to a special place where we could meet. We designed a tree house and even joked about how we would decorate it, and how it would be by the ocean so we could watch the sunset every evening. So every time one of us had to go to bed, we would say “see you at the tree house”. JUST ANOTHER SENTIMENTAL THING WE SHARED ❤

Shane drew it for his website once, you can see it here: www.instagram.com/p/BRYebucAhDc/

P.S. Posted this early because Shane and I will be going away this weekend to spend time with my grandma =w=