I can’t help it, I get frustrated if I see ANYONE being put down because of who or what they are, and assumptions. I HATE assumptions. Shane and I went somewhere recently where there were these women openly moaning about guys (talking as if Shane wasn’t even there) and just being all-round negative about men, like these women hadn’t done a thing wrong in their life. The conversation eventually led to cooking, and I said that Shane’s a pretty good cook and helps around the house while I work, and it just exploded as if I had done this amazing thing like train a freaking stingray to make pancakes or something.

My point is, WHY are people creating this divide between genders?! Moulding it in a way to shed a negative light on someone just to build these crazy walls?! I admit, in the past I was terrified of men, I’ve had some really bad experiences through my life, and thought they were all lustful monsters that would just leave you once they lost interest. But some women can be just as bad, and some men can be absolutely amazing and inspiring people. People are people no matter what, we are all capable of feeling certain ways, of doing many things, and the quicker we can knock down these invisible barriers we have made the better.

Sorry it’s a bit of a ranty update, but it just upset me when Shane was spoken to like that, or basically ignored because he was born a guy, and it really got to him….GHJFDKLGHFDJSKLGFDS DX I don’t like anything that makes Shane upset *PROTECTIVE*