Based on an actual conversation :’D Shane loves to strut his cheeky side ALL THE TIME! Coz he’s a tart like that!

But seriously, I love my hobo gloves, I had two pairs but Shane stole the other one after realising how awesome they are UwÚ

SOOOOO Shane and I are making a new comic series together WHICH WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE REVEALING!! We have been holding each other back since we started making final artwork for it XD For those of you who are following us on twitter, you are probably familiar with our twitter based RPG we are doing called “Ghostgrub”. Well, we are going to be something interactive with Little Anklebyters too, but rather than playing a game it will be more of a “pick your own path adventure”, allowing readers to influence what path the characters take while we tell the story.

We will be uploading the first episode of an introduction comic on New Years Day to the website and Webtoons X3!!!


Also – if you have subscribed to this website but didn’t receive an invite for discord, please contact us via the contact form to let us know. We also have emailed a couple of users giving them a week to respond before we delete their accounts >_> this is because we’ve been getting lots of spam accounts and we slowly filter them out UwU for anyone who has subbed recently, make sure you check your emails and reply otherwise you may be deleted too.