Shane knows how to make great first impressions xD I’ll always remembered how cute-dorky he looked wearing his mums sunglasses hahaha!! He sat on his and broke them the day before I arrived 😛 DESTRUCTIVE BUTT!!

It was such a great time when we first got to properly hang out. Though we were both nervous coz well…We had only met online and didn’t know what it would be like meeting in person. Though we weren’t together, some people around us were creeping us out about all these weirdos you can meet online and how do we know the other didn’t wana murder us or something X’D; LUCKILY THAT WASN’T THE CASE! But this time together really did get the ball rolling, after that all we could think about was spending more time together. What other adventures we could go one, and that would it really work out for us >.< we were both very reserved, it was a huge decision to make, but in the end we both majorly caved…AND NOW HERE WE ARE 😀