SOOOOO…..In my last update LostMind and Aivesse suggested that I do this comic idea XD I didn’t do it originally because it was way back in Christmas and seemed a little late 😛 but they encouraged me (and Shane backed them up XD)! Which I am actually really happy about, because this is a memory I really love coz of how my mum reacted at the time XD

My mum/little sister/baby nephew got Shane his Pikachu onesie for Christmas and Shane wore his little Santa hat (which he had since he was a kid!), and it was SUPER cute because my mum TOTALLY GEEKED OUT XD My mum got REALLY into Pokemon Go so she was all excited seeing Shane dressed like that =w=;; <3

SHANE IS WISING UP TO MY SMOOTH MOVES GUYS! I’m gonna need to get even smoother to swoon this BOI! >:D

Oh my glob Shane and I realised that today marks the 1 year anniversary of when I went back to New Zealand to help Shane pack and come here to live with me ;_; <3 I F*CKING LOVE YOU EGG!!! You are my Sunshine!!