Ok, so we kinda dress the same, we like pretty much the same stuff, WHY NOT HAVE SIMILAR EATING HABITS TOO?! I am not joking when I say…WE LITERALLY TING EVERYTHING :’D *we’ve been mocked by many people for this habit* You might find us weird, CRAZY even! But…Uhh…Well…We are? So why expect any less from us?!

We’ve been going through the entirety of Pokemon (we are currently on season 9) AND OMGLOB DOES IT MAKE US HUNGRY!! Every single episode involves a character eating, AND THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD!! We had to order takeaway noodles because it gives us such crazy cravings! Are there weird subliminal messages or something that’s helping to fuel the consumption of Asian food?!

D: please excuse my crazy talk…I wrote this blurb at 12:30am which is passed my bed time 😀 *was trying to finish this comic for LINEwebtoons upload* B-but does anyone else get hungry from watching anime’s or is it just us?!