We finally got news back from the Dr’s after months of worrying. Since Shane was diagnosed the people dealing with his reports haven’t exactly been very….reliable… I remember when we first met he hadn’t even been told the effects the tumour could have on the body, nor what he could do to improve his life style. I ended up doing tons of research to help him out. Also – for those of you who haven’t seen previous episodes where we spoke about this, the tumour is not cancerous so cannot move to other parts of the body, but the location of it in the brain still can cause serious symptoms.

When Shane moved over, we got him checked into the hospitals here and the doctors questioned the notes sent over from New Zealand as a lot of it didn’t make sense. He went back in for an MRI scan, had tons of blood tests and the stress was causing us such anxiety despite how much we were trying to distract ourselves and reassure each other it was going to be okay. Just the thought of the medication not working, or that it might come back terrified us, but we got the results back this week and OH MAN ARE WE HAPPY!!!!

Shane will always have to be on the medication because of this abnormality, but hell, we are just grateful to have caught it before it gotten REALLY bad, and now it’s shrunk, it’s just making sure it stays that way!