I don’t know why Shane’s face is so malleable, but I LIKE IT >:D *PLAYS WITH IT MOAR*

We totally watched all of Steven Universe in like, a week, AND IT’S FLIPPING AMAZING!! We thought the first handful of episodes were a bit dull >_o we actually struggled to continue in all honesty, but then we decided “NO! WE’VE COME THIS FAR! LETS GIVE IT A GO!” And it just BLEW OUR MINDS @0@

Seriously, we actually love it more than Adventure Time XD; it’s so well written, and feels like you can trust the writers because it seems like they know where they are going with the story =w= the foreshadowing makes me drool. Also, Ruby and Sapphire are soooo CUTE! If you haven’t watched it yet, we can’t recommend it enough >w< <3