TOPSooo yes. This happened. Where Shane’s computer is, he can hear and see my car arriving home from work, and my parking space is basically directly outside the bathroom window. So, he goes and rushes to the bathroom, makes camp and cracks the window open ever so slightly, just enough so he can see me approaching while also being camouflaged enough by the window itself.

I had NO idea he was there, so you can imagine my surprise when I started to feel the prick of being shot several times by a nerf gun!! XD When I finally realised where it was coming from, Shane had already scampered out of the bathroom and sat at his desk, acting like NOTHING happened but being SUPER cute to me XD HE’S THE CHEEKIEST LITTLE KIWI EVER I SWEAR! =w=;; and yet can’t help but love him….Coz let’s face it…I’d totally do the same.

OH! And youtube video is here: you can subscribe to our channel if you waaannaaa =w= we do plan on putting more stuff on there eventually!