I FELT SO EMBARRASSED WHEN SHE CAUGHT ME LOOKING!! I try to take a sort of ‘mental photo’ of people so I can draw them later because I get pretty shy when I draw out in public XD There are just some people in this world that look like they would naturally fit into a fictional story coz THEY JUST GOT COOL STYLE YO! I don’t usually get caught though TmT;; she smiled at me so I GUESS she didn’t mind…*sighs*… Shane on the other hand is completely oblivious to most people unless something unusual happens, like…I don’t know, he sees someone crab walking down stairs while hissing or something…*JUST TAKING SCENES FROM THE EXORCIST*.

That is one thing I feel kinda lucky about, that with us both being asexual, I know that Shane’s not going to be checking anyone else out coz of the lack of attraction there UwU He also finds comfort in knowing I don’t do that too (unless it’s for my art!).