AH, MOTHERS! There to embarrass you no matter your age :D;

So yaaa, my mum and sisters get weirded-out seeing me being affectionate to Shane because, well, I don’t like showing affection in public like that DX and I guess they are amazed/shocked to see that side of me when they do catch us snuggling XD I DO ALL THE MUSHY STUFF GUYS! IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN READ MY COMIC OR SOMETHING!

To be fair, to most people I’ve met, I’m some tom-boy with a noticeable laugh, fiery temper, an unusual interest in bugs and strange illnesses, and under no circumstance should be allowed to drink a bottle of coke because it will probably cause a nuclear war. so it’s no surprising that they’d not even consider I can be affectionate XD;

I often wonder how people at work would react if they knew how mushy I am around Shane @w@;; alas, they must never know! *MUST KEEP UP MY STRONG-MINDED/MOODY REPUTATION*