So this happened, coz Shane’s a big tart and wanted Pizza on his birthday. We actually ate pizza 3 times over the weekend so he was a happy chappy XD

We have decided to now collaborate on Hoi Butt, Shane’s going to be dropping Tizzy and doing the line, colours and scripts for Hoi Butt now rather than us running two comics along side each other (plus he is focusing on his twitter base roleplaying game “Ghostgrub” right now too!) so hopefully this will mean more episodes and more updates :’D!!! We will work up a buffer and then post more regularly later!!

Also, thank you to everyone who wished the Shane Butt a Happy Birthday! He was super chuffed seeing all the messages!

For those who are subscribed to the Natashane Adventures website you may have received an email from us, this was to let you know that for all subscribers you can now receive an invitation to our discord chat where we drop in every now and then and talk y’all X3 If you’d like to join us in discord, make sure you have confirmed your subscription and email us at for an invite! Hope to see you there!