So I was listening to this song – [ ] and I think I must have been deep in thought because Shane looked at me as if I was upset haha! It’s just, I freaking love Lifehouse, a couple of their songs really remind me of our relationship, especially their song “Everything”, which I had done a comic about as well! [ ]

When I listen to their music, it really emotionally connects, I start diving into memories of Shane and I together and just how lucky I feel to have him in my life. I honestly can’t wait for the next two weeks when we can finally marry one another…URRFF I’M GETTING ALL SENTIMENTAL AND MUSHY!! Anyway, I also wanted to mention that Shane and I are going to be busy in the coming weeks because his mum is arriving from NZ on Sunday and we are going to be pretty occupied with spending time with her! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to Hoi Butt, much love to you all!!!