CUTE ADORABLE POKEMON ILLUSTRATIONS BY MY GOOD FRIEND KAYLA KINOO! Check her work out on twitter and tumblr guys, she’s so talented!!

For anyone following our Instagram, you may have seen hints of this already XD Shane has been playing a lot of his old Pokemon games while we’ve been making our way through the old cartoon (CHILDHOOD NOSTALGIA RIGHT THERE!), PLUS we’re getting back into Pokemon Go since they released the new Pokemon in it 😀

Since we’ve been wanting to play more things together, Shane got me a 3DS as an early Birthday Pressie and we brought the Sun and Moon games! We also decided to update the Pokemon Deck and got themed decks for the new Sun & Moon cards XD

WE CAN’T STOP PLAYING!!! DX<;; Omglob I love Toucannon, it seems a bit dumb that a Woodpecker evolves into a Toucan, but so far he’s my fav Pokemon in Sun & Moon! He’s so adorably grumpy!! XD *GEEKS OUT FOREVER* My sister even got me his final evolution to complete my new deck ;w; <3 THANK YOU EMILY!!!

P.S. SORRY WE HAVE BEEN SUPER SLOW AND QUIET RECENTLY GUYS DX We have had a LOT of birthdays recently and it’s been EXHAUSTING XD; trying to catch up with everything now!