WE TOTALLY WENT ON THE HARRY POTTER TRAIN :’D omgosh we love steam trains so much! And if you’re in Scotland, and want to see some BEAUTIFUL sights while not having to drive, go on the Jacobite from Fort William to Mallaig, totally worth it! So much of this trip was accidentally Harry Potter themed xD Edinburgh is also the birth place of the story! So there are TONS of stores there haha!!

I also have to say…this is a dorky gross mushy part so leave now if you don’t want to keep reading… But heck, I never realised it could be so amazing to be married to someone. Shane has made every day such a joy, even the sucky ones. AND THAT TAKES EFFORT <3 Our Anniversary was technically on the 24th of June, so this comic is a bit late xD but I am gonna say this anyway! Thank FECK I started Tethered, and thank you to all my readers since the beginning for encouraging me to continue, because I never would have met Shane otherwise! -GROUP HUGS EVERYONE-